• Josh Reed

  • Managing Director, OBIC Solutions - India

  • Josh Reed is an entrepreneur and life-long learner who takes learning any industry very seriously. He has a wide range of work experience and management experience in the industrial, services, and financial sectors. Originally from the U.S., Josh and his family have been living in India since 2013. During that time he established a strong foundation for international business by learning Hindi, studying culture, helping to establish a small business and earning a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies. Seeing a need for development in the waterproofing industry, he started OBIC Solutions, a joint venture with Dustin Schlachter, using his USA based products to redefine waterproofing infrastructure and create new ways for development. When he’s not developing his international business, you’ll find Josh playing guitar, driving, enjoying distance running or engaging in any kind of sport. He enjoys training and mentoring others over a nice cup of coffee or chai and spending time with his wife and 3 daughters.

  • Dustin Schlachter


  • Dustin Schlachter is dedicated to providing water and wastewater system repair and maintenance solutions that are both affordable and long lasting. His entrepreneurial aspiration has held Dustin captive to the no-dig, trenchless technology field since 1999 when he and his father founded S&S Directional Boring. His knowledge and experience continued to grow as he expanded his work to include infrastructure rehabilitation through lining and coating system application in 2007. This expansion began his journey to create OBIC. Dustin serves as an active member and past president of the Great Lakes Trenchless Association and he is also a member of the National Association of Sewer Service Companies and the Water Environment Federation in the United States. A devoted husband and father of three, Dustin finds enjoyment and relaxation in outdoor activities like landscaping and gardening. Dustin is dedicated to learning and growing in faith, and his life goal is to help others grow as well.

  • Vivek Chaturvedi


  • Vivek can be best described as a visionary, out of the box thinker, with a deeply intuitive understanding of technology and business and the ability to connect dots in new and unique ways.
    With a career spanning the Indian Navy, United Technologies, the Dot-com boom in the US and mCom boom in India, he has a breadth of experience at the highest levels of diverse industries.
    Ever since his return from the US, Vivek has been helping technology companies from around the world make their successful Indian market entry.

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