Our OBICCool products can be applied on a wide range of materials. They are most commonly applied to concrete, metal or asbestos substrates on building structures such as roofs, walls, flooring, and standalone structures such as sheds or tanks.

This all depends on the square footage and the condition of the substrate. If we need to take our time on surface prep on a large rooftop, and then apply the products, it will be about a week’s time. Smaller areas can take just a few days

Our certified installation teams.

We will inform you of the process on-site. You can also view our application process on our YouTube channel as well. All we need from the customer onsite is electricity for our power tools and a water supply.


No. Our OBICCool products are made here in India. These products have been tested and approved for environmentally safe usage, durability, quality, and long-lasting strength. They have been tested and approved by our expert coatings and linings application team in the USA and found to be of premium quality with exceptional durability and performance. Our OBICCool product line is currently being used in the USA!

Our products waterproof your home as well as keep different types of molds away. Our products also help keep your house or business cooler by 8-10 degrees inside! Our patented Solar Heat Reflective Coatings help protect and strengthen your current substrate.

Typically when houses are built the foundation and walls have been waterproofed with DPC or other products. If you have damp walls inside it is usually caused by ground water infiltration or sloping problems outside. We can waterproof the inside walls as well if your still having issues!

Our products are made in Mumbai.We can ship directly or they can be picked up from our store in Dehradun. Our products are made fresh for each customer’s order!


OBICCool products for cementitious substrates range from 65-75 rupees per square foot including labour. OBICCool products for metal substrates range from 75 – 85 rupees per square foot including labour. (*pricing may change depending on raw material pricing)

Yes! We have our certified installation teams for application.

No hidden fees. We give our best pricing for the installation up front for our customers.