3 Reasons Trade Shows are Still Relevant

We have likely all attended or participated in trade shows, but as Trade Show season kicks off in India, we may be asking, “Are trade shows still relevant?” Here at OBIC Solutions, we think they are.  Let’s take a look at the top 3 reason why we think trade shows are still relevant for businesses and customers.

Reason #3: Education

Whether or not you are new to the space, education is very important.  If you walk the isles you’ll find new technologies, new strategies, new innovations, or new products or gadgets.  If you’re in the booth you are able to show why your company stands out above the others.  By sharing this information with one another, everyone benefits!

Bigger trade shows will have guest speakers from certain areas speaking on “what’s new.”  For business owners we can learn to make adjustments within our companies if needed.  For those coming to listen, you may find yourself learning a lot about that particular industry or sector.  Either way, trade shows are a way to be LinkedIn – in person!

Reason #2: Establish Rapport

Through connecting with companies and receiving their merch you may discover new companies in the marketplace.  What kinds of information are the companies supplying and what kind of a rapport are they building? Even having attractive or useful merch can help establish rapport.

Sitting behind the booth we may be thinking, how can I built trust with customers, end users, or my competitors?  In what ways can I be trusted in my space?  Trade shows give you an opportunity to connect in person, which is still essential even in our virtual world.  Here in India, in person is the best person. Trust is still established through in-person relationships with people.

Reason #1: Networking

Now we come to the number one reason.  Networking.

Even though Social Media has taken over the marketing space and we can network at the end of our fingertips by using LinkedIn, we still need to network in person.  Why?  You cannot build the type of trust with your customers, partners, or even competitors when you cannot see their body language.  Networking at trade shows can also lead to increased brand awareness and lead generation for your business. In addition, meeting in person shows the effort you have taken to meet them.  Going the extra mile to promote your business and connect with people will make a big difference in the size and effectiveness of your network.

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